Keep track of Air compressor pressure

The check valve is extremely important to check on any air compressor. The check valves are used on the rotary screw compressors, reciprocating piston compressors or scroll compressors. There are different air compressor types which means they may have more than one check valve.

What is some explanation into what the check valve in the air compressor actually does?

The check valve has one function and main purpose which is to let the air flow from one side over to the other side, in turn blocking the airflow coming in the opposite direction. If you get the check valve and blow some air through it, you shouldn’t have any problems with the air getting through. If you turn the check valve over then it should be impossible to blow the air through. The same thing will occur inside the air compressor or the air compressed air system, once the air passes through the air compressor valve, it cannot go back out again.

Why is the check valve there?

There can be up to five different check valves on an air compressor. How many your machine has will depend on the model, type and the size. As mentioned before, the check valves will allow the air to go through in one direction only. The help of a check valve will ensure that the certain parts of the air compressor keep parts pressurised and others depressurised. The check valves actually work to stop the compressed air that has already left the air compressor from flowing back into the compressor.

Air Compressor in a room

How does it work?

It can be said that the compressors check valves are very simple parts. However, they can be found in varying forms and shapes, but despite this the principle of the check valve stays the same. Inside the check valve, you will see a ball or disc and a spring that works by pushing down on the disc or the ball.

When the air goes in the right direction; it will push against the ball or the disc. Due to the spring not being very strong, the air that is being compressed will move the ball or the disc open. The result from this would be that the air will then flow straight through the check valve.

When the air attempts to go from the opposite direction, it will push the ball or the disc from the same side that the spring does. The compressed air and the spring work in sync together.
The higher the pressure, the harder it will be to push the ball or disc into the seating, which means it will be unlikely that you will suffer air leakage.

This is why it is so important to check the pressure of an air compressor often. The check valves can leak air when they are at a lower pressure and will stop when the pressure goes higher. This may seem unusual, yet it is understood that when you learn how the inner workings work, it is easy to become knowledgable on it’s overall functioning.

You will need to talk to your parts specialist if your check valve doesn’t seem to be doing its job correctly. It is important to keep an eye on the pressure of your air compressor as it is an essential in getting the job done correctly and so your machine doesn’t end up working to hard and failing all together due to overheating. If you are unsure how to check the pressure refer to the instruction manual or call your local air compressor parts specialist who can talk you through the process.

Lee Fletcher