Oil-free air compressors in hospitals

A medical air compressor is the main source of the medical air system. This is an air compressor that transforms the power it has into pressurized air which is found in the medical facilities.
Medical air compressors are a vital part of the medical air system. They have become a necessity for all hospitals around the world. Many types of air compressors on the market are specially designed to meet all the needed requirements within the medical world. Medical air is a compressed, clean, odourless and dry air that gets used to satisfy the medical needs.
Medical air is considered being a pharmaceutical product. Hence, all medical air systems need to meet statutory requirements and standards.

There are various types of medical air compressors that are used in the medical industry, including:
• Oil-free tooth compressors
• Oil-free scroll compressors
• Oil-less reciprocating compressors
• Oil-free screw compressors

It will depend on the local requirements as to the different kinds of compressor technologies that are used within the medical world. Medical air systems consist of air dryers and filters and only at the outlet of such a system does the air that is compressed become medical air. The oil-less reciprocating compressors are single-stage or stage two fixed speed oil-less compressors that are produced and packaged within a sound dampening confined area. This is because, in the medical industry, and the intermitted cycle is most important. There are various facilities and appliances used in a hospital which is crucial for patient care and benefits, and it is up to every hospital to ensure they are functioning most efficiently. Oil needs to be kept out of the air stream and the compression chambers. The medical air systems that are using the air compressors that are oil-free avoid the risk of mixing the residual containments to the medical air just in case the medical filters and air dryers happen to fail. Medical air needs to consist of clean copper piping which is where the air travels through into respirators and ventilators. The oil-less compressor is cheaper to install and to maintain. The oil-less are more suited to hospitals as well as they have noise reductions and come in smaller more portable sizes for hospitals.

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What are the main applications of air compressors within the hospital?
Hospitals everywhere depend on oil-free air compressors for many different areas, including:
Operating room: The surgeon needs functional compressed air to keep patients alive during surgery. A reliable and functioning source of air is vital so that air can be delivered to the sedated patients that are having trouble breathing or that are sedated. It is important that the air not be contaminated as it can put the patient’s health at risk.

Surgical instruments: The medical tools and equipment that are used for drilling, dissecting and puncturing use compressed air to work. Before during and after the procedures, the tools make use of the compressed air to be dried at frequent intervals.
Medical services: Whether it be air for anesthetic systems or patients using compressed air through the air compressors cannot be overemphasized.

Medical air from oil-free air compressors is classified as a medicine. It can be costly to have brought in; therefore, many hospitals opt to buy the machines and produce the air on-site. Many different brands offer the oil-free compressors for medical purposes; it will just depend on what type is best suited for what it will be used for. Sufficient planning and funding it allocated towards deciding which right equipment will be required for each medical field as the requirements vary through medical fields such as surgical, outpatient department, cosmetic, etc.

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